Rune Moelbak, Ph.D., Psychologist in Houston, Texas
Individual Therapy
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  • Individual psychodynamic psychotherapy

  • What is psychotherapy?

  • Individual psychodynamic psychotherapy is a process of self discovery that takes place in the interaction between you and a trained therapist. Over a series of meetings you will begin to open up about yourself and your life and will begin to gain access to feelings and understandings that have not been accessible to you before. Your therapist is there as a trained collaborator who listens intently, asks questions, and facilitates the process that allows you to go deeper into your own experience. You will emerge on the other side with greater self-awareness, a changed sense of self, and access to a wider range of feelings.


    Who can benefit?

  • People who seek out individual therapy in order to deal with many different issues. The issues range from very specific problems to a more vague sense that life is missing something or that something is wrong without knowing exactly what. Most experience a limitation in their life or are weighed down by certain unpleasant emotions such as guilt, shame, anger, sadness, or fear. If your life is missing something or if your personal limitations are holding back from living the life you want, individual psychodynamic therapy might be the solution.

  • My approach to therapy:

  • I am a psychodynamic therapist who will help you get to the root of your problems. I focus less on your symptoms than on the underlying emotions and difficulties that cause the symptoms. I am not a problem-solving coach, but an expert in getting you in touch with deeper layers of who you are. I aim to give you an emotional experience that will heal you from the ground up and make you feel like a different person.

    How many sessions do I need to attend before I see improvement?

    Some people resolve their issues within as little as 10 sessions. Many continue their therapy for several years because they find the benefits are worth the continued time and money. Improvements will vary with level of commitment and retractibility of symptoms.

    What will a typical session be like?

    The first couple of sessions will consist of talking more about your immediate problems and asking detailed questions about your life experiences. Subsequent sessions will be less structured and will evolve more spontaneously by following leads in whatever you bring up. You are encouraged to share everything, large and small, including dreams, fantasies, and things you don’t normally share. This is the rule of free association, which encourages you to not censor yourself and say whatever comes to mind.

    Session Information:

    Each session lasts 50 minutes and the session fee is $200



    Since I don't adhere to a medical model of psychotherapy I am not affiliated with any health insurance plans and cannot accept insurance as form of payment. Some health insurance plans will allow you to use me as out-of-network provider and I am happy to supply documentation for you to submit to your insurance company who will reimburse you separately if services are covered. 

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