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01:09:00 21/06/2018
4 Unmet Needs that Can Cause Psychological Issues as Adults #developmentaltrauma
Do you understand how your current psychological issues are related to your past? If not, here is a list of 4 common unmet psychological needs in childhood and adolescence that can cause problems later in life.

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02:30:32 22/05/2018
What to Do When Your Partner is Inattentive and Disengaged
One of the most frequent reasons couples come to couples therapy is that one person experiences the other person as withdrawn, checked out, or inattentive. Learn why relationships often end up this way and how to prevent it from happening to yours.

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14:28:43 29/04/2018
How to Resolve Recurring Conflicts in Your Relationship:
Learn a new paradigm for resolving couples conflict. Instead of blaming each other, learn how you can work together to get unstuck from the kind of conflicts that keep repeating themselves and makes life miserable for both of you.

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23:57:17 19/02/2018
Grief that is not handled properly can turn into depression, isolation, or overwhelm. Learn why some people are unable to fully grieve.

Better Therapy PLLC
15:16:49 10/02/2018
One of the things that are most difficult for many couples is to deal with those moments when one or both partners just aren’t acting rationally or reasonably. Learn what to do when your partner just isn't responding to your attempt to persuade them or explain yourself to them.

Better Therapy PLLC
17:06:40 24/01/2018
Best ways to deal with #grief #bereavement #loss
What are the best ways to recover from loss and deal with grief and bereavement? Here is some advice from a psychologist that will help you with the grieving process

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20:43:09 06/09/2017
Why is My Husband so Thoughtless and Uncaring?
Many wives often find themselves asking this question. Their deepest wish is that their husbands will finally wake up and treat them like they truly care...

Better Therapy PLLC
20:41:20 06/09/2017
How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself and Getting in Your Own Way #selfsabotage:
Many people unwittingly find themselves sabotaging their goals and getting in their own way. Learn why this happens and how to avoid it...

Better Therapy PLLC
15:57:52 03/08/2017
The Difference between Sadness and Depression:
It may come as a surprise to you but sadness and depression are not the same. Learn why mistaking one for the other is a serious mistake.

Better Therapy PLLC
16:36:05 05/06/2017
Do you have a love affair with the very symptoms that keep you unhappy and miserable? Many people do...
Do you have a love affair with the very symptoms that keep you unhappy and miserable? Contrary to what most of us believe, many people do...

Better Therapy PLLC
20:01:18 12/04/2017
The Fear of Being Yourself in Your Relationship:
Fear and anxiety about being oneself often plays a significant role in people’s relationships and is one of the main reasons couples do not feel close.

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20:55:36 28/03/2017

In today’s therapeutic landscape, people have to be aware of multiple competing approaches to dealing with life struggles and emotional pain...
Read why CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) has been oversold to the public and should often not be your psychological therapy of choice...

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20:54:02 28/03/2017
Shame: The Hidden Root of Most Psychological Problems

You won’t find “disorders of shame” as a category in the DSM-5 (the official American catalogue over mental health diagnoses), and yet shame is probably the biggest single cause of most of our psychological problems...
You won’t find “disorders of shame” as a category in the DSM-5, and yet shame is probably the biggest single cause of most psychological problems.

Better Therapy PLLC
20:51:35 28/03/2017

Watch my new video on the psychological causes of depression...
Learn why depression should not be treated as one monolithic disorder, but should instead be unravelled by uncovering a person's unique underlying struggles

Better Therapy PLLC
20:50:26 28/03/2017

Anger, sadness, loneliness, emptiness, despair, grief; these are all emotions that many people don’t know what to do with, and would most of all like to dump in a dumpster or bury deep underground...
People often report being afraid of feeling certain of their emotions. Learn why feeling your unpleasant emotions is a necessary pathway to healing...

Better Therapy PLLC
20:48:36 28/03/2017

In the vast majority of cases, once a person begins to examine their feelings and their life more closely, they discover that their depression has a meaning and a message...
Even when it looks like you are depressed for no reason, depression almost always contains a message about something that needs to change in your life...

Better Therapy PLLC
20:47:17 28/03/2017

There is a lot that can be done about unpleasant memories and experiences from the past. Although it is true that we cannot change the past, we can in fact change how feel about it and what meaning we attribute to it...
How do you let go of unpleasant memories from your past? Learn why the best way to overcome traumatic experiences is not to avoid them

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20:46:01 28/03/2017

In this comprehensive, yet simple and practical, self-help guide, I will give you an overview of fifteen of the most effective techniques psychologists use to help their clients overcome depression.
The ultimate self-help guide to most effective ways to fight depression: Learn 15 psychological techniques recommended by therapists to improve your mood.

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20:45:00 28/03/2017
Why Talking to a Psychotherapist is Not Like Talking to a Friend (And Other Misconceptions)

Recently I came across an excellent video on some of the common misperceptions many people have about psychotherapy that might stop them from ever seeing a therapist...
Psychotherapy is not just for "crazy" people and is not just like talking to a friend. Learn why these and other common myths about therapy are untrue.

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20:43:02 28/03/2017

Whether we feel depressed, have panic attacks, or generally feel weak, bad, or inadequate, these kinds of problematic states and ways of suffering are rarely ever simply problems to be removed or eradicated. They are NOT the illness, but like a fever or a cough, a symptom that alerts us to something about our life or our approach to life that is off-kilter, wrong, or in need of change.
Depression and anxiety are symptoms and not disorders. The secret to finding more peace in your life is to unlock their hidden wisdom.
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