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Couples Therapy
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  • Couples psychotherapy

  • What is couples therapy?

  • Couples therapy is an attempt at identifying interaction patterns between two individuals that lead to gridlock, dissatisfaction, criticism, or distance. Each partner is invited to better understand their own vulnerabilities and needs, and are invited to experiment with more constructive ways of communicating and negotiating those needs. The therapy can serve to increase friendship and intimacy, decrease destructive interactions, facilitate mutual understanding and respect, and strengthen shared values and commitments. It can also help partners clarify whether or not they want to work at their relationship or part ways.

  • Who comes in for couples therapy?

  • I see couples at all stages of commitment from people at the dating stage to people who have been married for many years. Couples present with a variety of concerns including sexual dysfunction, communication problems, conflicting values, emotional distance, trust issues, and general dissatisfaction. Couples may question whether to stay in the relationship or part ways, or they may be fully committed to staying together but not feel happy with the current state of the relationship.
  • My approach to couples therapy:

  • I use an integrative approach to couples counseling that draws on the principles of emotion-focused couples therapy as well as the Gottman method. I have completed Level 2 training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and regularly attend seminars on couples therapy from different leaders in the field. I believe that couples can benefit from identifying and expressing the vulnerable and aversive feelings that underlie many of our maladaptive relationship dynamics. I also believe couples can benefit from concrete communication strategies and conflict resolution skills that lead to more effective ways for both partners to have their needs met while maintaining mutual respect and admiration.
  • How many sessions do I need to attend before I see improvement?

  • Couples can begin to implement changes in their interaction and communication patterns after only a few sessions. Most couples will require a minimum of 5 sessions, and many can benefit from upwards of 10 to truly sustain their improvements.
  • What will a typical session be like?

  • The first sessions will focus on identifying relationship and interaction patterns that are causing problems between you and your partner. Bringing these to view and assessing the general health of various areas in your relationship is the first step in the couples therapy process. Subsequent sessions will serve to work on the different areas identifed as problematic during the initial assessment phase. Exercises may be introduced to help couples learn new ways to interact. Other interventions include deepening each partner's understanding of underlying emotions in self and other and facilitating the experience and communication of these emotions in session.
  • Session Information:

  • Each couples session lasts 1 hr 20 minutes and the session fee is $225
  • Insurance:

  • Since I don't adhere to a medical model of psychotherapy I am not affiliated with any health insurance plans and cannot accept insurance as form of payment. Some health insurance plans will allow you to use me as out-of-network provider and I am happy to supply documentation for you to submit to your insurance company who will reimburse you separately if services are covered. 

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